This Week in Talent (28 Mar)

This week we found two excellent ebooks that will help enhance your candidate engagement skills and show you how to plan, build and improve your hiring processes. We also have a fascinating article on changing disability mindset at work and more, check ’em out!
Enjoy these musings!

LinkedIn’s modern recruiter’s guide

This ebook covers how we can build and nurture relationships with Talent when you recruit on the platform. We should probably check this out, seeing as most of us rely on LinkedIn for sourcing candidates. Download it here.

How to plan, build, and improve your hiring process

Here’s another ebook, this one from Google Hire, outlining how to build a structured and effective end-to-end hiring process, from writing job descriptions to rejecting candidates. An excellent resource, regardless where your TA function is at. Check it out!

How to write a resume that passes the artificial intelligence test

Can’t say we didn’t see this coming. Smart candidates will eventually figure how to optimise their resumes to game the algorithmic screening process. So what should we do when that happens? Refine our algorithms? Increase our screening levels? Food for thought.

Woman faked resume to land top South Australian job – and then hired brother for key contracts

We think the South Australian government should attend ATC2019 to up their game on screening candidates – what do you think? 😉

Working from home in 2019 is not a benefit

An excellent article with some unique perspectives from D&I leader Toby Mildon on how organisations should not be thinking in terms of disability, but rather, how can they enable everyone with their varied circumstances to thrive and work together. Fascinating read.

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