This Week in Talent (7 Mar)

This week we share how you can apply Marie Kondo’s methods at work to spark joy, a recruitment video from Domino’s Pizza that sparks nostalgia, a list of five strategies from Google’s staffing manager that can help you spark teamwork, and more!
Enjoy these musings!

The benefits of “tidying up” your work life – Marie Kondo-style

Does your office desk spark joy? Apparently, you can KonMari your work life too – click to find out how.

How to create a culture of recruiting

Does recruitment feel like a chore in your organisation? Google’s staffing manager Jeff Moore shares the five strategies that helped him convert recruitment from a solo sprint into a team sport. Must read for those of you who are seeking to change your company’s recruitment culture.

4 ways to boost the soft skill that LinkedIn’s co-founder calls essential

Kevin Wheeler had discussed this before when he wrote about the importance of soft skills as AI continues to make inroads into our daily work. So how can we ensure that we have what we need to be successful in a post-AI world? Click to find out.

Want to up your recruitment game? Check out Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s video

Domino’s Pizza Malaysia has gone retro with this recruitment video (think Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat). It certainly brings back the memories, but will it attract the Talent they seek?

Are you making this costly recruitment error?

It is unlawful in Australia, intrusive and discriminatory. What is it and are you guilty?

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