This Week in Talent (4 Feb)

This week we share probably the only useful article for recruiters written about the new social media app Clubhouse, an easily digestible and refreshing D&I report from Netflix, strategies for remunerating your remote workforce, and more!

How to find people on Clubhouse without an account

Probably the only useful article written about the new social media app Clubhouse out there at the moment. But the challenge is getting onto it in the first place. Check it out.

Inclusion takes root at Netflix: Our first report

The key highlight for us is how Netflix tailored their inclusion strategy to each department and the individual models they had for different functions to help them bolster their D&I goals. The report also contains unique takeaways on how to “be better” at inclusions, how to measure diversity and more. Excellent read for anyone who is trying to improve D&I within their workforce.

A job description and a job advert are two different things

Mitch Sullivan makes a compelling case for their difference. Where would you post a job advert vs. a job description? Can (or should) they be combined into one? Have a read and ponder.

3 compensation strategies for your remote workforce

While this might be a little US-centric, some of the ideas shared in this article are pretty useful. And if you are after new ideas for your remote Talent remuneration policies, this is an article you should read.

Ed Hunter: The Recruitment Timeline

Stumbled onto this post and had a good chuckle reading a light-hearted take on the future of recruitment. Then we realise it was written by wordsmith/recruitment copywriter Mitch Sullivan, and it all suddenly makes sense…

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