This Week in Talent (30 Apr)

This week we have a JobKeeper resource you can share, how can recruiters manage the shift to an organisation-driven Talent market post-crisis, the 5 do’s and don’ts of video interviews (whether you are the interviewer or candidate), and more!

Seven scenarios: JobKeeper’s alternative eligibility tests explained

Great summary from SmartCompany explaining the circumstances you can us as an alternative turnover test and what do these tests involve. Useful resource to share if your organisation is planning on applying for JobKeeper.

Key recruitment marketing rules during the crisis

Hard to disagree with friend of ATC, Chris South, on how the recruitment will become more organisation-driven post Covid-19. How can recruiters manage this shift effectively and convince hiring managers to take a 7 out of 10 when they think there are lots of perfect 10s flooding the market? Click to find out.  

[Proven] Job search strategies for uncertain times

It is heartening to see the industry sharing resources and helping each other in times like this. Thanks friend of ATC, Dan Nuroo, for sharing this.

5 do’s and don’ts of video interviews

Whether you are interviewing candidates over or on the end of one yourself, these are useful tips to bear in mind.

Data science & analytics – Market snapshot & salary guide (AU & NZ)

Excellent research by the folks from Talent on a field that is gaining prominence, if not already. Have a read to find out norms and expectations and see how your remuneration packages compare with industry average.

10 painless ways to keep morale up during Covid-19

Most of us are working remotely these days and, let’s face it, it is probably not easy for everyone. Here are some ideas you can do immediately to improve morale.

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