This Week in Talent (27 Feb)

This week we have the five skills you need to be a successful recruiter according to research, a gem of a video presentation by global head of employer branding, Emily Firth, on how she created an EVP without borders, how you can write a job ad fit for the Queen of England (yes, you read right), and more!

Research reveals the five skills you NEED to be a successful recruiter in 2020

74.7 percent of recruiters believe that listening to a hiring manager’s needs is the most important skill according to research from CV-Library. Creativity, marketing, managing expectations and big picture thinking make up the rest of the list. Interesting read to draw inspiration from that will help set ourselves up for further success.

PwC’s HR Technology Survey 2020

C-suite sees hr tech implementation more like an IT project, rather than a complex change management exercise according to the survey. You can imagine the disconnect this causes between how the tech is perceived and used by different employees. This is a report you should check out if you are trying to solve similar issues.

Keep your people moving…

…sideways – we are talking inner-mobility here. One of the hottest topics at last year’s HR Tech conference in Las Vegas and an increasingly effective way to tackle the growing skill shortages in certain sectors. If you are into sourcing hard-to-find Talent, this is a must read. Employer Brand Without Borders

Came across this gem of a video presentation by global head of employer branding, Emily Firth. She shares how she and her team created an award-winning EVP that resonate everywhere from San Francisco to Shanghai. Some great learnings here – do check it out!

How to write a recruitment advertisement fit for a Queen: literally

We only just realised that the Queen of England/Royal Household have a LinkedIn page and advertise jobs on here. We wonder if the Queen actually writes her own PDs, hmm. Go ahead click and explore!

How to build belonging at work (even if you’re not a manager)

Solving this problem is a nebulous and occasionally messy. But the good news is that anyone can be part of the solution and it doesn’t have to end with hiring. A good read for anyone who is keen on improving D&I&B(elonging) in the workplace.

More and more job ads don’t list salaries: When and how to bring up pay

According to SEEK research, job ads perform better when they do have salaries listed. Confidentiality is increasingly not a good enough reason for a lack of transparency. So why are we still not doing it? Have a read and ponder.

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