This Week In Talent (25 Mar)

Note From The Editor

It’s COVID’s 1st birthday! Happy birthday, you sonuvabitch. Hats off to you for changing the ENTIRE WORLD within a few weeks, for keeping us on our toes, and for making me gain 10kgs. Impressive.

Reflecting back over the past year … is insane. To think this time last year we thought the lockdown would only last 2 weeks? I remember coming home with all my work stuff, and setting up shop sharing a desk with my boyfriend. Ohhhh the novelty of it all. Every morning we’d laugh about how we were now workmates. How quickly that novelty eventually wore off … 1 year, 10,000 bottles of red wine and 500 vegan curry laksa’s later … here we are. Welcome to the future.

Speaking of the future – I’m working on producing a funny video with Reanna Browne. Reanna is a futurist and will be speaking at ATC2021 Digital this year. She is, by far, the most interesting person I know. And the smartest. And just … the bestest. Well worth coming along to the event for. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for her video!

Corporate Push To Provide Paid Parental Leave After Stillbirth

This is a fantastic initiative. I can’t speak from experience, but I thought this was worth sharing as it had never crossed my mind before. A new initiative that I feel every company should adopt, and would be a huge benefit and draw card for anyone trying to conceive and start a family.

5 Reasons Why Empathy Is An Essential Recruiting Skill

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – do not work in HR/Recruitment if you can’t empathise with people. I’ve met recruiters and HR professionals before that obviously hate people … and it’s just a shitty experience all round for everyone involved INCLUDING them. If you can’t put yourself in someone else’s shoes, you have no business working in a role where people rely on you to make their lives better. Period. Anyway … enough of my rant, read this article!

Can Your Company Withstand A Crisis?

A recruitment agency owner talks about how she ensures her company can withstand a crisis, and OH BOY we’ve had a few of those recently. It’s interesting to read articles like this … could anyone have planned for COVID? Some companies handled it well, whilst others either folded or just REALLY struggled with the idea of remote work.

5 Network Security Basics For A Safe Remote Work Culture

Okay I included this article even though I’m that person that almost gave their credit card details to a phone scammer last year. I like to live life on the edge. This article is for people that aren’t like me, and are actually interested in things like cyber security and secure file sharing. Tech/data nerds. **Falls asleep and starts snoring while sitting upright at desk**

Is A Great Candidate Experience Possible In High-Volume Recruiting?

This was a great read following on from Jodie Le’s volume recruitment article 2 weeks ago (on our blog). There’s nothing more dehumanising that attending a group interview/assessment centre, and being treated like a number throughout the whole process. It’s a hard task to ensure that every candidate in a volume recruitment process receives a positive, tailored, human experience. It’s near impossible, but .. it is doable. To do it though … you either have to hire more people for your team, or invest in some swanky AI.

Science Says You Need To Plan Some Things To Look Forward To

OH well if science says so, then I better start booking some holidays then.

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