This Week in Talent (24 Sep)

This week we learn the three pillars to making your EVP work for you, find out the gold-standard for a rejection email, how to hire a CEO over Zoom, and more!

Talent strategy is business strategy

Wondering how to get your EVP to work for you? Then read this. Learn about how you can align Talent strategy with business strategy, Talent attraction and what can you do to enhance employee engagement.

Hiring language points to unequal economic recovery

Interesting report by Textio on a decrease in the use of inclusive language in hiring content as the pandemic swept the globe. It makes us wonder how far we have progressed, if at all, in making D&I one of the centre pieces of hiring. Food for thought.

Best rejection email I’ve ever received

This is probably the gold standard when it comes to writing rejection emails. Have a read and be inspired.

Choose roads less travelled to inclusion

This post on inclusive hiring is a little different as it teaches us to think deeper about the individual choices that we make during the hiring process. If D&I is important for you, this is an article you should read.

How to hire a new CEO over Zoom

Hiring regular employees virtually can be a tricky process, not to mention a CEO. Boral started this process just as Victoria went into their second lockdown in June. Have a read to find out what were their keys to success.  

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