This Week in Talent (14 May)

This week we have ideas on how you can implement assessments successfully in small business hiring, a secret sourcing channel to spot foreign language speaking candidates, a simple but effective way to manage your messy inbox (hint: you don’t need extra productivity tools for this), and more!

Here’s what the future of work will look like

Not had to imagine this happening. Remote work will become much more recognised and companies will look to TA and HR for guidance during the recovery. Is TA ready for this next step? What do we need to know and do to prepare ourselves? Have a read and ponder.

3 challenges of implementing assessments in small business hiring

These challenges may be familiar if you are working in an SMB environment, but we thought they may be relevant for larger organisations too. Find out more and learn how you can overcome them effectively.

LinkedIn adds polls and live video-based events in a focus on more virtual engagement

It seems LinkedIn is jumping onto the virtual event and engagement bandwagon but we don’t seem to have these functionalities available on our profiles yet. Keen to hear from anyone who has had a play, leave a comment below to share your experience.

Couchsurfing: A secret sourcing channel to spot foreign language speakers

You’ve got to search where your candidates hang out and this article shows you exactly how you can do that. This is what we call out-of-the-box sourcing, check it out.

The most effective way to manage your inbox is also the easiest

Hint: It is not using more productivity tools or setting up multiple inboxes. It is, in fact, pretty simple apparently. Have a read to learn more.

How to know if a job candidate can handle working at a startup

Former Google vice president Jessica Powell believes resilience and the ability to work with ambiguity are key to surviving the start-up environment. She shares the interview questions she would ask to suss out whether a candidate possesses these qualities.

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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