This Week in Talent (12 Sep)

This week we have the seven questions you need to ask before embarking on a new sales hire, a “no accent” conundrum facing Australia recruiters, some extreme ways for testing soft skills in job interviews, and more!


It’s R U OK? Day today and we want to remind everyone to take a step back for a moment to ask yourself and your mates – are you ok?  It is an opportunity for us to connect, start a conversation and offer each other support.

Lawrence Waterman just got a job at 72 – and is saving his company thousands to boot

With an ageing population upon us, how can we make the most out of our workforce? Food for thought.


It’s a conundrum that has been around for ages but gets swept under the carpet most of the time. We can all agree that it is not the fairest way to judge Talent by their accents but Will McPhee still gets a lot of requests from clients regarding hiring candidates with no strong accents. Any advice, ideas or solutions?

How are you sharing your company’s story to attract top applicants? 4 lessons from recruiting pros

Practical and insightful strategies and tips from your peers who have got it right. Click to read more.

Extreme ways CEOs are testing soft skills in job interviews

The “ping pong” test, “drive my car” challenge, “please don’t work here” tactic – just some of the methods organisations are using to assess their candidates. A little over the top some would say? Read on and decide for yourself.

7 critical questions to ask yourself before a new sales hire

Hiring good salespeople could be the key to scaling your business effectively. But hiring the wrong person could have the opposite effect. Essential read if you want to ensure that you hire the right one.

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