This Week in Talent (12 July)

We combed the web and found these for you: a gender neutral parental leave policy that supports both men and women equally, the benefits of value-based interviewing, life lessons from Game of Thrones that’ll help you become better leaders, and more.
Enjoy these musings!

It’s time for maternity and paternity leave to go

A fresh approach to parental leave that is actually equally supportive of both men and women. Check it out.

4 reasons why video needs to be part of your recruitment strategy

The use of video has become ubiquitous with the Internet and all things social media. Can you afford not to jump on board? We think not, and here are some reasons.

Computer algorithms ‘reject up to 75 per cent of CVs’ before a human ever gets to them

We can’t help but wonder – what if one day candidates are able to counter-screen your algorithms using technology that places them on top of your applicant list? Food for thought.

Recruitment trends: 5 ways to tap into value-based interviewing

Value-based interviewing can be a great way to ensure the Talent you bring in fits your business model. So how does it work and is it right for your organisation?

5 things I learned about leadership from Game of Thrones (Part 1)

Winter is here and yes, it’s still a long wait before the final season of this blockbuster series hits our TV screens next year. But fret not for those who are missing their annual dose of GoT action, here’s an article to help you relieve some of those yearning.

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