This Week in Talent (10 Sep)

This week we share a leadership pipeline model that has been adopted by many Fortune 500 companies, a guide to help you manage Statement of Work workers, an excellent article identifying today’s biggest workforce trends and how you can leverage on them to chart a new TA path forward, and more!

The leadership pipeline model: Building the next-generation leaders

A really comprehensive guide for managing the succession planning process. The leadership pipeline model was pioneered by GE and has been adopted by many of the Fortune 500 companies and it is a powerful tool for describing the shifts in skills, time allocation and work values in moving from one leadership level to the next. Thanks friend-of-ATC Tony Wallace for the share!

The ultimate guide to SOW management in 2020

Contingent workers offer the flexibility needed to help businesses survive the Covid crisis but most organisations don’t know where to start. If this sounds like a familiar conundrum for you, this is a guide you should check out.

Returning to work in the future of work

An excellent article identifying the biggest workforce trends that are happening right now and what are the possibilities that lie ahead. This is a great starting point for anyone who is looking to leverage on the advancements you have made during the Covid crisis and chart a new path forward for your function. Good read. 

How to hire during a global crisis

Let’s face it – many of us are most likely experiencing a hiring freeze and undergoing budget cuts. For those who are still hiring, you will probably need to be a little more innovative as Covid continues to impact businesses. This post is a useful resource to help you adjust your recruitment strategies.

Millennials want mentors, not managers

All they want is for an opportunity to learn new skills and work with people who inspire and challenge them says author Sonali Verghese. A timely reminder as Millennials will soon constitute more than half of the world’s working population. Food for thought.

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