This Week in Talent (10 Dec)

This week we share an informative whitepaper examining the barriers to success for internal mobility, find out what are the skills required for different functions as we move in 2021 (very relevant as we plan our future workforce), enjoy a self-reflection piece from one of our Melbourne Rec Meetup organisers Matt Woodard, and more!

This is the exact type of break you should be taking when working from home

No, checking your emails is not considered a “break”. Neither is watching YouTube videos or spending time on social media. Read on to find out what is a proper break and how we can catch one.

The changing face of technology consulting

Matt Woodard is a familiar face around the local TA scene and he wrote this self-reflection piece on recruiting for a tech professional services firm. There are valuable lessons here but it is their approach which is the most important lesson – authenticity is key to creating a motivated culture that enables people to do their best work. Have a read.

Opportunity marketplaces

Informative whitepaper from the team at ProFinda examining the barriers to success for internal mobility. Must read if you are planning on going down the internal Talent redeployment path.

Talent Wars

Interesting research report by the folks at Recruiter Insider showcasing the changes in candidate experience from pre-COVID until now. Candidates have tolerated particularly poor interviews during COVID, but they are now signalling their frustration. Click to learn more.

The State of Skills 2021: ENDANGERED

Beautifully presented online report highlighting the reduced opportunities for upskilling and reskilling as a result of the pandemic. The research points to what skills are required for different functions as we move into 2021 and the need to develop them quickly as we emerge from the crisis. Relevant to us as we project forward and plan our future workforce.  

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