This Week in Talent (1 Oct)

This week we have an excellent article examining why many of us are struggling with focus today and how to manage this (turns out there is a name for it), a great video resource toolbox for anyone who is working on videos, insights on how to lead from the Head of TA at Optus, Catherine Fitzgerald, and more!

Great Talent Acquisition leaders should focus on more than just recruitment

Head of TA at Optus, Catherine Fitzgerald, shares her approach to doing TA in this illuminating article. We especially like her point on empowerment and pushing limits to create growth. Great insights here, excellent read.

Coinbase is a mission focused company

Many companies have jumped onto the diversity and inclusion, BLM bandwagon and while we are certain the intentions are good, what if this is becomes a distraction? Coinbase takes a stand on not taking at stand, choosing instead to disallow employees from engaging in broader societal issues and political causes reduce distraction and internal divisions. Will today’s candidates stand for this? Food for thought.

3 ways savvy new hires are making remote onboarding a success

A candidate advice post on how to take advantage of this new remote onboarding norm can be a good source for recruiters and hiring managers on the other side running the process. Check this out if you are doing something similar now.

Video Resource Toolbox

Are you new to working with video and thinking of getting some of your video content out there? This is a resource you need to check out.

Your ‘surge capacity’ is depleted — it’s why you feel awful

Fascinating article which places a label on our current situation: ambiguous loss. Probably explains why we are struggling with online fatigue, loss of focus and reduction in productivity, despite our optimism and enthusiasm with WFH.

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