Get ready for a pitch-off – Introducing ATC2018 Innovation Lab participants

For those uninitiated, the ATC Innovation Lab is an annual competition that runs during the Australasian Talent Conference (ATC) featuring the latest innovations from Australasia’s Talent technology space.
Witty pitches are to be expected, slick presentations and memorable sound bites guaranteed, as we see these start-ups come up against each other in the ATC’s version of a dance-off. The winner will be determined by popular vote, and your decision could be be the catalyst for the next big thing coming out from Australia!
So who will it be? Here is a sneak preview of some of the participants at the ATC2018 Innovation Lab competition. Be sure to check them out at the expo hall too during the conference!

Brent Pearson
Founder/CEO of Enboarder

How would you best describe your innovation?

We have created a new way to get your new hires job ready in an engaging and exciting new way, with a focus on the employee experience rather than paperwork and tasks.

What frustration/problem does it solve?

Traditional approaches to new hire orientation/training suffer from several problems:

  • They are typically boring and un-engaging;
  • They are expensive and don’t work well for low volume hiring or remote workers;
  • Not designed for Gen Y and Gen Z;
  • No accountability for distributed training – is it really happening?

Enboarder solves these problems.

How does it differentiate from other like-minded product in the market?

We use principles from gamification and everything we have learned from our core product about delivering great new-hire experiences during onboarding, to deliver something quite different for new employees when it comes to training.

Neil Kinnaird
Head of Growth & Commercialisation at Zimpla

How would you best describe your innovation?

It is a recruitment platform powered by artificial intelligence that allows you to shortlist top candidates in seconds.

What frustration/problem does it solve?

It takes the frustrating and time consuming process of reviewing and shortlisting candidates for roles away from you, allowing you to focus on other high value tasks. 

How does it differentiate from other like-minded product in the market?

We shortlist in seconds, faster and with better quality than the few competitors in the market. And we don’t rely on standard keyword searches.

James Jennings
Co-Founder of Sourcr

How would you best describe your innovation?

We help employers find, compare and manage specialist recruiters, using data. Employers can post a job, set a fee to match their budget and have pre-vetted recruiters simply apply work on the role. 

What frustration/problem does it solve?
  • Removing those pesky cold calls! Our clients simply let recruiters know that any roles they wish to tender to agency will be on the Sourcr platform;
  • No more being caught out by sneaky clauses in terms. Every recruiter works to the Sourcr standard terms so you only have to read one set of terms once;
  • Centralising and controlling communication with agencies. After the initial in-person/phone brief with the recruiter, all further communication runs through the platform;
  • Bringing back consistency to fees. On Sourcr, the employers sets the fee and takes applications from recruiters that are happy to work at that rate;
  • No more credit notes. We hold all placements fees on escrow until the end of the candidates guarantee period, so on the rare occasion a candidate doesn’t work out, you’re in control of your money.
How does it differentiate from other like-minded product in the market?

Most recruitment technology is focussed on trying to take recruiters out of the game. And whilst we’re big fans of some of the direct to candidate models, we believe recruiters still play a key role in the ecosystem.
Humans need to be part of the process so we’ve focussed on automating the parts that technology is better at to give the humans more time to do the important stuff – recruiting!

Craig Watson
CEO of Recstra

How would you best describe your innovation?

Recstra is flexible and on-demand recruitment at an hourly rate. Every project is quality guaranteed and users save up to 80 percent on traditional recruitment fees.

Using A.I. & Machine learning we match our clients’ needs with our community of certified, experienced and specialised freelance recruiters – who work as an extension of your workforce. The model is ‘turn on-turn off’, giving our clients complete control over recruitment spend.

What frustration/problem does it solve?

It solves the triple threat problems of: being incorrectly matched with the most appropriate & qualified recruiter, lack of quality & transparency in recruitment process and expensive recruitment fees

How does it differentiate from other like-minded product in the market?

Recstra uses state-of-the-art A.I. to match you with the best Recruiter for your project. By running a ‘pay for service’ as opposed to ‘pay for outcome’ model, we ensure no corners are cut in quality.

Our rating system also ensures all recruiters are held accountable for the quality of service, maintaining 4 stars is the minimum standard in maintaining their certification.

Omer Molad
CEO of Vervoe

How would you best describe your innovation?

Vervoe is an intelligent hiring platform that uncovers hidden talent through real-world tests, tasks and tools called Talent Trials. It is designed to let you know exactly how to identify the best candidate for your role. We give YOU the unfair advantage, and a dazzling level of insight never before seen that ensures your hiring decision are in definitively aligned with your companies goals. 

What frustration/problem does it solve?

One feature of our platform is providing you an escape from the manual processing requirements of résumés and LinkedIn profiles, where inevitably you put emphasis on what school they studied at, what grades they got and the demographic they fit into. Instead, we help you focus on what the candidates can do in the actual role they’ve applied for and how they can positively contribute to your organisation.

Instead of spending valuable time deliberating WHO you should interview, all candidates undertake a talent trial where our automated data analysing capabilities (rules & logic set by you) can recommend you the best candidates, saving you time and more importantly, letting the real talent shine through.

How does it differentiate from other like-minded product in the market?
  • Vervoe combines technical skills and attitude testing into one single easy to use platform, whereas similar tools out there are doing just one or the other.
  • Vervoe gives you access to a library of real-world tests, tasks and tools designed by leading industry experts who know how to hire for your role. 
  • Vervoe uses machine learning to rank candidates based on how their performance.

Tim Walmsley
CEO & Founder of BenchOn

How would you best describe your innovation?

BenchOn is a Business to Business (B2B) Talent Mobility platform that matches a business’s idle staff who are in between contracts, to contracts with other companies looking for surge support or contingent workers. 

What frustration/problem does it solve?

The problem we are solving is employee under-utilisation. Many of our industries are becoming much more contract based, and contracts get cancelled, delayed, or they simply don’t line up nicely all the time. 

BenchOn provides the mechanism for businesses to better manage the peaks and troughs of the business cycle with contracts for their staff in the troughs, and access to the hidden talent inside Australia’s best companies to support during the peaks.

How does it differentiate from other like-minded product in the market?
  1. BenchOn is solely B2B. We don’t deal with freelancers or job seekers, unlike freelancing websites. 
  2. BenchOn also provides unique proprietary protections that are essential for B2B transactions such as conflict of interest gates, employee poaching protection, etc.

Greg Muller
CEO & Founder of Gooroo

How would you best describe your innovation?

Our People Analytics product is a SaaS platform and decision making framework that allows you to reimagine how your organisation approach organisational design, workforce planning, recruiting, team formation, cultural alignment, succession planning & talent development.

What frustration/problem does it solve?

It will allow you to:

  • Make better decisions;
  • Lift your entrepreneurial capabilities;
  • Build a culture that embraces change;
  • Identify your future leaders;
  • Prepare your team for the future and be more confident;
  • Reduce bias and be more consistent; and
  • More accurately and efficiently understand the requirements for hiring.
How does it differentiate from other like-minded product in the market?

Gooroo People Analytics is like no other as it uses the science of human thinking at its core. In addition to digitising over 40 years of neuroscience research in to how people make decisions, we have built an integrated platform that now supports many business processes and challenges, all focused on supporting how organisations design and build high performing workforces, and happier workplaces.
Being a cloud-based platform, Gooroo handles impressive scale; offering even global corporations unparalleled insight, speed and confidence over their decisions.

Keen to know more? Join us at the ATC2018 Innovation Lab on 20-21 June to check out all the latest Talent technologies that will be on show. Tickets are running out so get onto it quick! More information available here.

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