A collection of Diversity reports from top companies

Want to find out how some of the world’s leading companies approach diversity and inclusion? Here are the diversity reports from some of the most well- known brands in the world.


David King, Director of Diversity & Belonging tells us that Belonging is at our core.  I don’t know about you but we were all overtaken with a sudden desire to go work at Airbnb as soon as we started reading this. Check out how they scored an impressive 100% on the Corporate Equity Index.


Diversity and Equality at Etsy was produced by Juliet Gorman, Senior Director of Culture and Engagement tells us what their long term levers of change were and what’s next on the horizon for D&I at Etsy.


A wonderful story full of actionable tips by Lever Co-Founder and CEO Sarah Nahm, not only about how they reached 50/50 gender diversity but how they engaged with their workforce in a meaningful way to share stories about their individual experiences and what diversity meant to each them.


The Kickstarter Benefit Statement outlines the company’s full value set.  D&I comes under the value  “Kickstarter is committed to fighting inequality” because the why is always an important guiding factor.

Hat’s off to an Executive team comprising of 50% women; 50% men , 50% White/Caucasian; 25% Asian; 25% two or more races


Gender Balance Across Expedia is a quick visual with a wonderful story – an equal 50/50 gender split with 100% pay equality!


When you’re only three years old and you’ve doubled in size in the last 12 months, it represents some hiring challenges. Find out how ‘slack or slick’, Slack actually is when it comes to D&I.  Now try saying Slack Slick Slack ten times really fast.


Netflix is known for its TV shows, films, movies, and we think it is pretty appropriate that they shared their diversity and inclusion stories in a series of videos. Get ready to be inspired.

Looking for more? Here is a gem of a website that contains more diversity reports from top global companies, a very useful resource for any Talent professional who’s keen for ideas on how to improve diversity in your organisation.

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