Aligning recruitment strategies to business goals – a recipe for success

Imagine you’re a chef, and your kitchen is the bustling recruitment hub of your organisation. The dish you’re preparing? Success; served up through the fine art of strategic alignment.

Like any culinary masterpiece, this dish needs a main ingredient—the overarching business goal that sets the flavour for everything else. It could be market leadership, innovation, or sustainability; this ingredient is your company’s North Star – front of the palette, and the element that makes people return time and again.

Of course, no dish is complete with just one ingredient. As a TA team, you’re responsible for hiring (and perhaps developing) the complementary flavours, herbs and spices that add depth and complexity to the main ingredient.

We’ll start with your team goals, each tuned to enrich the overarching business objective. Your marketing team might be working on brand awareness, while the R&D team is focused on product development. They’re like the garlic and rosemary that make your roast lamb shine. You need to know what flavours and in what amounts TA will bring. And you need to be sure they don’t clash…

And what’s cooking without the right tools and seasoning?

Business and team strategies are like your mandolin, knives, and pans. They’re essential for turning those raw ingredients into a culinary delight. Whether investing in cutting-edge technology or fostering a culture of open communication, these drivers help you slice through challenges and spice up opportunities.

Sounds great, says Andy Allen, but how are you preparing it?

Sautéing, grilling, or fermenting, the skill and precision you apply to each ingredient make a significant difference. These are the individual strategies within your team – the skills, tasks, or KPIs each person brings to the table. They’re the carefully executed knife cuts or the perfectly timed grilling that elevates the dish.

But even the best-laid recipes can face the unexpected – a missing ingredient or a sudden kitchen mishap. Strategic alignment is your contingency plan, allowing you to adapt and tweak your ‘recipe’ when challenges arise. It’s the flexibility to switch from grilling to pan frying when your grill malfunctions or to substitute one herb for another when something’s out of season. Knowing the impact of challenges lets you prepare ahead of time, and we’ll explore how you can quickly switch out TA activities to expect the unexpected.

As the chef in your organisational kitchen, you’ll find that when all these elements are perfectly blended, you’re not just whipping up a one-time feast; you’re crafting a legacy of culinary – no, make that business – excellence. So, how’s your current recipe shaping up? Are all the flavours melding well, or do some need a little tweaking?

We invite you to take a moment to taste-test your business strategy through the lens of our strategic alignment game to see what else you should add to your dish. Join us at the ATC to play and design your TA strategy for the next year as we focus on each element of your in a simple yet compelling way. You’ll walk away with a complete recipe for success and the steps needed to get you there.

And we’d love to hear your cooking stories, the hits, and the near-misses because practice makes perfect in both the kitchen and the boardroom.

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Want to know more? Simon will be presenting with PetSure’s Talent Manager Simone Donovan at ATC2023 taking place 22nd & 23rd November at Luna Park Sydney. 

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