This Week in Talent Acquisition (8 Mar)

This week includes sourcing tools that might have flown under your radar, a free brush-up on your A.I. knowledge on behalf of Google, the most disruptive hiring tools out there, and more.
Enjoy perusing these musings!

People Aggregating tools that give you more

Seven hot sourcing tools you may not have heard of! Ok, you’ve probably heard of Hiretual by now, but there six more…

Why Managing the Contingent Workforce Matters

Tony Wallace of EY provides a convincing case on why it’s time to move beyond governance and onto managing your Contingent Workforce.

Global AI Talent Report 2018

With the need for A.I. talent set to rise, where in the world can you find it? Here’s a handy map showing you where to start the door knocking.

Learn about AI & Machine Learning free

Machine learning and A.I. are some of the biggest topics in the tech and talent worlds right now. Just when we’re all scratching our heads trying to figure out how to educate ourselves, Google comes out with from free courses and resources for people at all levels of tech ability. Thanks Google.

HR Technology Disruptions for 2018

This HR Tech disruption report by Josh Bersin is a comprehensive one. We just love his description of Level 4 HR Maturity Model – Pioneering and Personalised, and the list of most disruptive hiring tools in the TA market today. Definitely worth check out.

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