This Week in Talent (6 Aug)

Check out this light-hearted recruitment video from the Australian Navy featuring a popular song from Beyoncé (just not the way you know it), an FBI analyst guide on predicting human behaviour, a step-by-step guide to using LinkedIn Pipeline Builder effectively, and more!

Australian Navy pokes fun at machine translation to recruit linguists

A light-hearted recruitment campaign from Australian Navy poking fun at Google Translate by running a Beyoncé song lyrics through the app while calling for “human translators” to apply for Cryptologic Linguists roles. Definitely caught our attention.

3 rules of engagement for recruiting

It takes both hands to clap and a solid working relationship between recruiters and hiring managers to ensure a smooth hiring process. Here are three ways to build up the mutual respect and trust needed for a successful partnership. 

Turning LinkedIn Pipeline Builder leads into engaged candidates & hires

A step-by-step guide to using LinkedIn Pipeline Builder effectively to actually convert leads into engaged candidates. Excellent resource.

This man decided to send a voice note on LinkedIn and it is the funniest message ever

You have to listen to this for yourself – HILARIOUS! Not sure if we would recommend anybody doing this too, takes a certain personality. Lol.

An FBI analyst’s 6 steps for predicting people’s behaviour

These steps are for predicting how people will act under general circumstances, but equally useful for any TA professional or hiring managers who are recruiting new Talent for their business.  

These 5 apps will help you dip your toes into the world of Artificial Intelligence

For those of you who sort of/kind of understand the potential of what AI can do, here are some tools and games you can try on your web browser to get a better sense of the possibilities. And now we see the future coming into focus…

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