This Week in Talent (30 Jan)

This week we have the three things you MUST communicate to new employees on day one, a very useful guide on using GitHub to recruit top tech Talent, 11 interview invitation emails with samples for you to use, and more!

3 things you MUST communicate to new employees on day 1

You only get one shot at a first impression – make it a good one says author Delia O’Steen. Click to find out what you should be doing.

How to use GitHub advanced search to recruit top tech candidates

What should you be looking at in GitHub to help you identify top tech Talent? Check out this excellent guide to learn more.

How to write a job post in 2020

Writing a job ad has always been a bit of a gamble – you never know if it will be a hit or miss until you put it out there. But don’t worry, the folks at ResearchGate have analysed two years’ worth of job ads listed on their platform, to find out what works (and doesn’t work). Must read.

7 recruiting activities that can improve the candidate experience

Candidate experience impacts your company’s brand, which in turn can help or hurt your bottom line. There is really no excuse not to treat it seriously in today’s candidate-driven market. This is an important resource you need to bookmark and read.

11 interview invitation emails with samples

What should you include in your cold candidate interview invitation email? How can you craft your referred candidate interview invitation email? All these and more in this comprehensive article. Must read for anyone interested in raising your email engagement rates.

Are you giving praise or gratitude?

Praise recognises something a person has done. Gratitude is about the meaning of what they do and who they are to you. Thoughtful article written by Lynne Franklin on how to practice gratitude in our everyday lives as part of inspiring leadership. Check it out.

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