This Week in Talent (20 May)

Note From The Editor

Hello again! Anyone else struggling to stay motivated with these dark, icy cold mornings and nights? My boyfriend and I were just discussing how we’re feeling a type of SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD occurs every year for us like clockwork – when the warmer weather disappears and drives everyone inside. There’s less sunlight, and we experience fatigue and social withdrawal.

Every year we push through, but it’s also been nice to take a step back and … just roll with the SAD. I’ve been bingeing TV, reading lots of books, doing lots of exercise and movement … it’s actually been nice to feel all the feelings and just give into my body’s want to become a hermit. Also work has been insanely hectic, so limiting social interactions has been nice. We’re about to roll out a type of ambassador program – if you’ve had experience with this in the past, I’d love to chat to you about how you executed it! It’s going to be fun, but it’s also something I’ve never done before so my brain is vibrating by the end of the day.

My recommendation this week is the tv show Shrill on SBS. Aidy Bryant (from SNL) created it, and it’s fantastic. Such a fun, body positive, relatable series. Season 3 has just been released, however highly recommend watching seasons 1 and 2 if you haven’t already.

Also if you’re working from home and you need some tunes to get you through the day – can I suggest searching for a Mo Town playlist on Spotify? There’s heaps of them, and they’re all great. Mo Town music legit makes me so happy I start boogying at my desk and I suddenly feel the urge to help people with a big smile on my face. Who doesn’t want that for themselves?! Get amongst the Mo Town!!! Have a great week 🙂

Everyone have a great rest of the week!

ANZ’s Advancing How We Work

You will find Rita Newman talking about ANZ’s How We Work at ATC2012 DIGITAL. Rita is part of a global panel of Talent and HR Leaders that are sharing how Covid has reshaped the experience of work in their organisation. Facilitated by the brilliant Chris Hoyt.

Queensland Police Union labels discriminatory recruiting policy ‘woke pandering exercise’

Yeah wow … how do we feel about this? Is this a scenario that any of us could have faced? The term “woke-pandering exercise” used by the Queensland Police Union really shows how little they are invested in seeing a Police Force that resembles the community they serve. A sobering read.

How do you enhance your candidate experience? 8 recently hired recruiting leaders offer some clues.

Anyone else crap their dacks a tiny bit when they’re recruiting a recruiter? This article was really interesting – 8 newly hired TA leaders provide tips and advice on how to improve the candidates experience from their firsthand experience as a candidate!

Marketing, Not TA, Should Own Employer Brand

Oooooooooh I don’t know how i feel about this. I’m a TA Lead, and a control freak. Losing “ownership” of EVP would make me nervous. What about you?

TIkTok is reportedly testing a new recruitment a new recruitment feature

I’m still yet to fully get on the TikTok band wagon, I must admit. I love making and viewing Reels on Instagram, but I’m yet to venture to the dark side and go into full “reel” mode on TikTok. After reading this article, however, I’m nervous about being left behind! Also it’s a great way to reach potential Gen Z candidates. I need to get amongst TikTok ASAP.

Hays Talent Solutions

The team at Hays Talent Solutions (HTS) are currently in growth mode – they have more people working for them now than pre-COVID! Their purpose is to help organisations thrive by supporting their workforce needs – they need people who are passionate about delivering service excellence, can build strong relationships and can ensure their clients have access to the best talent in the market.

HTS are doing some really cool stuff in the DEI space, along with their new initiative called Hayshelps which gives you the opportunity to volunteer for a day with a local charity (amongst other funky learning and development opportunities). They are on the lookout for a Recruitment Partner in their Sydney and Melbourne office, and a Senior Recruitment Partner in their Sydney office. Spread the word and get amongst it!

Not Quite Recruitment (NQR) – Ummmm OMG so I found this website, and it’s perfect for people like me that struggle so much to make a decision on a movie that we end up reading a book … I just can NEVER decide what to watch. SO you enter in a bunch of data like … what genre you feel like, what streaming services you have, any actors specifically you want to see etc. and it spits out a list of movies you might want to watch. The only issue is that it’s an American website and some of the movies aren’t available on  streaming services in Australia … but I’m sure you could find them somewhere else (rent on Apple TV etc). New fave website!

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