This Week in Talent (16 Apr)

We know you are doing way more video conferencing than usual these days, so his week we have a cinematographer’s guide for how you can look good while doing that. We also have the 30 tactics you can implement to set yourself up for success post-crisis, a guide for how you can improve your persuasive skills, and more!

How to rebuild and reimagine jobs amid the coronavirus crisis

Excellent article by Mckinsey – in depth but easy to comprehend with relevant Australian information that we can use to make sense of how we can action some of the ideas proposed. Have a read.

A cinematographer’s guide to looking good in web-based video conferencing

We are all spending more time than usual on video conferencing these days, so why not make the best of it by making yourself look good while at it? Click to learn more.

Psychology says you can actually sell anything, so long as you use these 4 ‘hidden’ switches

Turns out all you need to do is trigger these four key switches that lie hidden within the human psyche. Have a read and see how you can apply them effectively onto candidates and hiring managers.

30 tactics for recruiters to survive and thrive in the time of Covid-19

Having survived the GFC back in 2008 as recruiter, Greg Savage has been through some pretty rough times. So we think there is really no one more appropriate than him to serve out some pearls of wisdom on how we can survive and thrive in today’s circumstance. Must read.

Jobs for Australia

It is great to see the ANZ TA community banding together to help each other and their candidates during these difficult times. Hat tip to Andrea Kirby for coming up with this excellent initiative.

Book it in: our top isolation reading ideas

Tired of reading everything about the bad news and need a break from work-related stuff? Check out this excellent list of Aussie reads – perfect to help get you through self-isolation.

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