This Week in Talent (14 Mar)

Around the world we go and this week we found a Swedish job interview robot who won’t judge you, a nightmarish dating trend haunting recruitment, strategies on how you can run a more gender-balanced hiring process, and more!
Enjoy these musings!

‘Ghosting’: The nightmarish dating trend haunting HR

Poor candidate experience might be the common reason for “ghosting” but we reckon that only part of the story. Read to find out how we can reduce the chances of being “ghosted”. Or better yet, come to #ATC2019 and listen to our speaker Aaron McEwan talk all about it. Tickets still available. 😉

Meet Tengai, the job interview robot who won’t judge you

The world’s first robot designed to carry out unbiased job interviews is being tested by Swedish recruiters. You can see the reasoning behind having robots do the initial screening, but can it really do a better job than us? You decide.

What women want from job postings

68 percent of women feel salary range and benefits are the most critical components of a JD, according to LinkedIn’s new Gender Insights Report. Click to find out what else is important and how you can build a gender-balanced sourcing strategy. Good read.

5 helpful uses of Google forms

Besides creating questionnaires and conducting surveys, Google forms is good for this as well, and yep, you guessed it – job application and recruitment. Click to find out more.

Boy, 10, invited to meeting with Qantas CEO Alan Joyce after writing adorable handwritten letter

Kudos to Qantas CEO Alan Joyce for being such a good sport and a great way to show the human side to a corporate behemoth. Works wonder for employer branding as well I reckon. And if you haven’t read the boy’s letter, you should – it’s gold!

3 tips to reduce gender bias in your recruitment process

ME Bank’s Queensland state manager Stuart Dale has written this excellent piece on what we can do to create a more gender-balanced recruitment process. Check it out!

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