ATC most read articles of 2018

Favourite interview questions, most popular sourcing and engagement tools, AI, graduate recruitment, talent pools, workpac vs. skene, and more.
Nope it’s is not your usual drinks and chat at the bar as you celebrate getting over hump day, it’s the subjects of some of our most popular articles from our blog this year.
If you missed them earlier, now is the perfect time to catch up. And if you’ve read them before, what better way to cap off the year than to relive some of these favourites that totally rocked your world!
Here we go, the top 10 most read articles of 2018:

10. Need a sourcing refresher in 2018? Read this.

Sourcing for candidates can be overwhelming, and we don’t blame you if your brain’s a little sluggish from time to time. Here’s a refresher from one of ATC’s favourite people Shannon Pritchett.

9. Bringing agile to diversity and inclusion

A lack of diversity is driven by an exclusive culture & we can’t move forward until we change our meritocratic-based hiring practices says ATC2018 speaker Aubrey Blanche.

8. WorkPac vs. Skene – why all HR & Workforce Managers must know about this ruling

Employers have cried foul and called this legal case a “kick in the gut” and accused the worker for double dipping. If you are into labour hire, ATC Squad’s James Witcombe reckons this is a case you need to follow.

7. What I know about managing indecisive & difficult Hiring Managers

Trevor Vas has seen his fair share of Hiring Managers who demand purple unicorns & want them by lunch time. He lets in on what he’s learnt from them.

6. What I learned about Talent pools: Busting myths with Jon Bowker from Roy Hill

Are Talent pools suitable for all industries? Are they worth all the effort? Jon Bowker from Roy Hill debunks some myths and explains more.

5. Trends in graduate recruitment – what to expect in the next 5 years

Graduate recruitment can be a testing ground for corporate hiring practices – so Talent professionals should keep a close watch on these emerging trends says Grace Kerrison.

4. What L’Oréal’s venture into A.I.-powered recruitment technology means for TA leaders everywhere

The conversations on A.I.-powered recruitment tech are already shifting as we begin to see actual positive results from companies using them. Are you ready? Trevor Vas shares more.

3. 7 female Talent leaders share what they do to make good health a priority

It’s the Women’s Health Week and we talked to seven amazing Talent leaders to find out the things they do to stay healthy.

2. 11 Talent hunters share their favourite sourcing and engagement tools

Looking for new tools to enhance your sourcing & engagement game? Check out what some of our local Talent hunters are using.

1. 9 Talent hunters share their favourite interview questions

Looking for inspiration on what questions to ask during your next interview? Here’re what some of our local TA leaders are asking their candidates.

There you have it – the top 10 most read articles from the ATC blog. Thank you so much to all our incredible contributors who have been so generous with their time and for sharing their knowledge with the community. Thank you to all you readers out there too for reading and sharing our content.
We look forward to bringing you more fresh and exciting content in 2019!

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