Podcast: Talking diversity & belonging with Aubrey Blanche

Aubrey Blanche, Atlassian’s global head of diversity & belonging, is on a mission to get rid of the word “diversity”.
Ironic as it sounds, Aubrey believes the word diversity has come to be more a hindrance than help when trying to build a balanced team.
“I’m tired of the word diversity because it has come to represent the minorities or marginalised such that the people in the majority are not included,” she said.
Applying algorithms or introducing artificial intelligence (A.I.) into the hiring process may not the best solution to the issue either.
“Our lives are increasingly being run by these algorithms but it’s not clear if the people who are developing algorithms have the life experiences to do a risk assessment on the worst case scenarios of what they are creating,” she added.
Recorded at the recent ATC2018 with the podcast folks from Alight Solutions, Aubrey discusses how she is working on solving these business problems through the lens of diversity & belonging, using data and targets.
Listen to find out more!


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