This Week in Talent (20 Sep)

Folks, this week we have – a fascinating insight into the recruitment language used by agency vs. in-house recruiter, 13 HR professionals weigh in on the pros and cons of ongoing recruitment, an explanation of blockchain we can all easily understand, and more.
Enjoy these musings!

Is ongoing recruitment the way to work? 13 ways to recruit effectively

Should you recruit all the time or only in response to newly opened positions? 13 seasoned HR professionals weigh in. What do you think?

Not all recruiter messages are created equal: A data-driven analysis of my inbox

Did you know agency recruiters use 21% more words in their outreach than their in-house counterparts? Fascinating insights on the language of the recruiter from a candidate who happens to be very good at data analysis. Read to find out more.

Why blockchain could transform every industry

If you are still struggling to explain blockchain, this article might just be the solution you need. Thank you Richard Barnett for the share!

Is the business case for diversity the right argument?

Thought provoking article that questions the widespread and utilitarian view on diversity as good for business and how they actually reduce workers from underrepresented groups to mere means to an end. Should everything be viewed with a capitalistic lens? Perhaps it’s time for a rethink, author Neil Malhotra offers a suggestion.

Email is not dead: 7 ways email marketing benefits your business

Although written for marketers, the principles, tips and strategies listed are just as relevant for all you TA professionals out there who send regular emails to your Talent pool. Check ‘em out!

Google’s “Hire” recruiting application hits the Play Store

Last year Google introduced Google Hire to us, this week they dropped a new Google Hire app on the Play Store. Even though it appears to be in development, it’ll be interesting to see how this would affect adoption rates, especially once it become available in ANZ. Quick read.

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