This Week in Talent (5 Nov)

This week we share how you can predict employee attrition and turnover during and after a pandemic so you can plan your workforce effectively, an ultimate guide to designing a recruitment chatbot with personality that fits your business, a 3-minute quiz to help you determine your strengths/weaknesses, and more!

7 crucial communication strategies for working remotely 

Good reminders on the Dos and Don’ts when communicating with your colleagues while WFH. They may seem pretty straightforward, but we tend overlook them in the midst of all the busyness. Have a read.

The ultimate guide to chatbot personality

Ideally, your recruitment chatbot’s persona should align with your employer brand – but is it? A really comprehensive step-by-step guide here for anyone who is keen to learn more about designing a recruitment chatbot fit for your business.

What would your hiring managers say if candidates asked them about diversity?

Though-provoking piece from John Vlastelica on how far we should push our Hiring Managers on issues related to diversity and inclusion. Will they be keen at all or is this something best left to HR and the recruiter? Thoughts?

17 essential survey questions to predict employee attrition and turnover

This is an excellent resource for any recruiter who is trying to plan their workforce during and after a pandemic. Includes detailed explanation on how to interpret the data as well. Highly recommend you have a look.

What are your weaknesses?

This is probably an interview question we asked many of our candidates but just how well-versed are we at answering this very same question about ourselves? Useful to everyone as we are all likely to be looking for jobs sometime during our careers. Post also includes a 3-minute quiz to help you determine your strengths and weaknesses.

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