This Week in Talent (15 Oct)

This week we learn about Dropbox’s move to permanent remote working and their unique way of reducing Zoom fatigue, ideas on how you can support the well-being of your remote team mates, the post-pandemic rules of Talent Management, and more!

5 business priorities for the future of work

An excellent infographic from PwC providing some good perspectives and insights on how you can guide your business in these five important areas of work as we move beyond the pandemic. One to download and reference.

The post-pandemic rules of Talent Management

Has the pandemic levelled the playing field for diversity, equity and inclusion at the workplace? With remote working, it is certainly harder to engage in office politics or “pretend to work” when nobody sees you or cares where you are. Can this be an opportunity to finally make a change?

How to support the wellbeing of your remote employees

Remote wellbeing is the new buzzword as we come to terms with the unintended effects of working from home. Good article with some practical tips and strategies outlining the steps you can take to support your team and yourself. Good read.

How to make virtual learning better, not worse, than in-person

Let’s face it, before the pandemic how many of us actually thought online learning can be effective? We admit we had doubts but we are also happy to be proven wrong. If you are running training sessions for your team, here are some useful guidelines to help you make virtual learning more effective. Click to learn more.

Dropbox kills the 9 to 5 workday

Another week, another multinational organisation announcing their permanent move to full remote working. But Dropbox’s new mode of working comes with a twist – employees can only collaborate between 9am and 1pm. If you are working in team that do eight straight hours of Zoom calls a day, this is an article you should read.

Barbie (yes, the doll) posts a video about racism that goes viral, and for good reason

With more than 200 careers on her resume, Barbie continues to break boundaries and take on inspirational roles. Here, she is an educator tackling the important topic of racism. Useful for thinking about the way we view people who look different from us as we seek greater inclusion in our working environments.

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