This Week in Talent (29 Oct)

This week we have a guide from GitLab on how to tackle online meeting fatigue, 13 non-cliché phone interview questions you can use for your next req, an excellent article from Matt Charney on overcoming “waste” (aka inefficiencies) in recruiting, and more!

How do you do all-remote meetings right?

GitLab is the company that brought us the Remote Manifesto – an excellent guide to helping teams work remotely and in this article, they address what many of us are feeling right now – online meeting fatigue. How can we survive this? What should we avoid? Click to learn more.

Phone interview questions: 13 non-cliché questions from top HR straight shooters

We are probably doing more phone interviews than ever before. And if you need some ideas on how you can change things up a little, this is an article you should read. Also includes some excellent remote interview tips. Check ‘em out.  

75 top job titles (most-searched by candidates)

Comprehensive list of job titles from the folks at Ongig. Provides an excellent start for writing attractive and relevant job descriptions. If you are keen to learn more, check out their definitive guide here.

Suck less at sourcing

In his inimitable ways, Matt Charney offers his no holds barred take on the new world of TA. It is no longer about competing with other companies for Talent, it is about optimising the Talent supply chain to ensure the greatest returns for the least investment in the shortest amount of time. Winning the war for Talent, then, comes down to minimising waste and inefficiencies. You should read this.

Job search tips during a pandemic for recruiters and sourcers

It is not uncommon to hear candidates struggling to land a job today. And if you are one of them, this article by Jan Tegze could be useful for you. Complete with examples and practical ideas, not rocket science, but sometimes we all need a good reminder.

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