This Week in Talent (3 Dec)

This week we have news on Unilever NZ trialing a four-day working week program, we share an informative infographic action plan on how you can lead your team out of a crisis effectively, a guide to making your LinkedIn profile stand out, and more!

5 ways HR can better equip leaders to navigate a crisis

Written for HR but applicable to TA too. Includes an informative infographic action plan to guide you as you lead your team out of a crisis. Check it out.

Global giant Unilever to trial four-day working week in NZ

81 staff will work 4 days while being paid for 5. Part-time workers will have the same opportunity to work 80 percent of their hours for 100 percent of their pay. Great to see large organisations taking the lead in offering more flexibility to their workforce. Have a read.

A really simple guide to making your LinkedIn profile stand out

10 pages of tips to help you upgrade your LinkedIn profile. Or you can share this with your candidates. Another good resource from friend-of-ATC Mark Pearce.

Gender on agenda as bosses fail to mind the gap

Workplace Gender Equality Agency director Libby Lyons as she released the findings from the organisation’s annual survey, which found that a $25,534 remuneration gap remains between men and women. Unless there is an action plan and real financial consequences involved to drive change, we reckon this trend will only continue.

Here’s what Talent leaders are focused on right now

Interesting findings from LinkedIn which differ somewhat from the results of our 2020 State of TA survey, in which respondents said the well-being of the TA team, managing hiring manager expectations and tackling high volume of applications are top priorities right now.  

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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