This Week in Talent (27 Aug)

This week we have ideas for enhancing your D&I hiring, news on Google taking on higher education and what that means for TA, the one question you should be asking your hiring managers before going to market, and more!

Recruiters Stay Home, Too

Summary of how recruiters are reacting to working remotely and it turns out to be not too different from everyone else in their attitudes. But is this sustainable long term given hiring is all about connection and feel and fit? Have a read and ponder.  

Why would someone leave a job they don’t need to and join your business?

A call to action from author Mark Pearce on the importance of including this question during the job brief stage. If we are going to attract the best, we will need to be more targeted in our approach, and finding out the intrinsic values of the role and sharing them across effectively is key.

Glassdoor’s Diversity & Inclusion Transparency Report 2020

A report worth reading with actions you can replicate onto your hiring process to enhance your D&I recruitment. One strategy stood out for us – Glassdoor is ending employee referral bonus program to increase its chances of hiring diverse candidates from dissimilar backgrounds. What do you think?

Google has a plan to disrupt the college degree

Is it time to rewrite our position descriptions and eliminate the requirement of a four-year degree? Google takes on higher education and we think it is going to be a hit. These programs are designed by the industry, taught by industry professionals and promises to equip students with essential skills they need to be successful in their chosen field. Food for thought people.

Entrepreneurial mindset: How to think like an entrepreneur

An excellent guide for anyone who is getting started on a side hustle today. Click to learn more.

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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