This Week in Talent (20 Aug)

This week we have research findings on the impact of remote working on 12,000 employees and how you as a TA leader can help to manage them, a “3-layer” strategy that will take your sourcing onto the next level, a thought provoking video about the state of Recruitment Marketing today, and more!

I got a job at an Amazon warehouse without talking to a single human

Intriguing account by an Amazon worker who was hired within 20 minutes of completing his job application. Though pleasantly surprised, this was quickly replaced by a feeling of unease over how this automated hiring process could potentially exacerbate bias. Food for thought.

How to build out your sourcing strategy – the 3 layer sourcing model

Are you looking to improve your sourcing strategy? Check out this excellent post by Jessica Gibson-Jones where she explains her 3-layer model and how it helped her take her sourcing to the next level. Check it out.

What 12,000 employees have to say about the future of remote work

Interesting findings on remote working and the implications for the way we should organise work. Productivity, as we all know, hasn’t been greatly affected by the shift to WFH, but social connectivity, mental & physical health and effectiveness of collaboration tools have been raised as potential concerns. Have a read and you will find out what you need to do to create an attractive workplace for your future Talent.

Video: Is there a lack of thinking in recruitment marketing and TA?

Excellent insights from one of our ATC contributors Mark Pearce on the general lack of thinking in recruitment marketing and TA, and advice on how we can get over “effortless (aka lazy) thinking”. If we are calling ourselves Talent Acquisition Specialists, we’d better act like one – posting boring content and then ignoring people is just not going to cut it. Watch this video.

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