This Week in Talent (1st December)

I’m pumped to have been asked to edit this week’s TWIT after last week’s ATC2023, alert the media, I had a ball!

I was inspired by the content and judging by the dozens of summary posts on LinkedIn so did my fellow conference goers.  I managed to pack in a lot of stuff however my key takeaways were, Dart Lindsley of Google prompts a shift in perspective, urging us to see work as a product purchased by employees. Ross Clennett told us to dig deeper into the data and don’t believe all of what the papers tell us (who knew!). To address employee retention, Daniel Stockdale of Dentsu suggests evaluating candidates’ job understanding. By using Vervoe for a real job experience, Dentsu reduced turnover from 44% to 6%. Discussing disability unemployment, a panel including Dylan Alcott and Kate Gaffy highlights Talent teams’ role in fostering diversity. Anticipating a 4-day work week, Kevin Wheeler sees it as a natural evolution from historical work patterns. He also made innovation a safe space for old boys like me!

For me though, it was more than just the content; I came away with a lot of feels and emotions.

I felt hopeful that as a TA community we can whether the storm of what is a precarious economic/business climate for all of us, that our ability to innovate and pivot what we do is possible and the value we offer to our businesses or clients is worth its weight in gold. I felt hopeful I could take the learnings I gained from the sessions and the advice I garnered networking and look at the way I work and pass that on to others. I made a promise to Kevin Wheeler that I would innovate and automate something in the seven days after the last day of the conference, this article might one of the first things I have written that I might give ChatGPT a chance to edit!

I felt fired up, the two days confirmed for me that our industry whether we be internal, agency, consultant or vendor is important. The work we do matters. Scrolling through LinkedIn whilst waiting for my flight, I came across an article giving very earnest advice on “how TA folks need to more for less”. I call b*llshit on that, what the ATC told me is that we have too much to offer, and business need us too much for us to accept that. Let’s change that to “I’m happy to do more, innovate, pivot and do better for the same”. If we’re moving to Talent Advisory, then we’ll not get a seat at the table being passive.

The warmth, the passion, and the selfless way the ATC2023 was delivered really shone through. I could see people connecting and hear a lot of laughter, the focus of attendees on the sessions being delivered and the interest shown through the questions told me people were really listening. I was blown away by what is possible, Reanna Browne blew my mind when she told us that “The future of work never comes as we’re ways in the present” is something I’ll carry with me. The day to do something for the future is today!

So, whilst it could have been a conference to remember for all the wrong reasons, for example the MC almost getting ‘cancelled” at the end of the first day! (you had to be there), it was a total blast. These events are important, knowing what’s possible for us is important, knowing what technology, services or innovations are available to us in our local marketplace is important. We are important.

Last week’s TWIT highlighted insights from some of the speakers, so this week we’ve decided to highlight insights and resources from ATC2023’s partners. Keep scrolling for great resources and articles.

PS – I gave ChatGPT a crack at editing and my version was better 😉!

Inclusive Futures: AI’s Impact On Recruitment

Did you catch Daniel Stockdale, Dentsu’s ANZ Talent Acquisition Director last week at ATC2023 talking about AI’s Impact On Recruitment? Take a look at a snippet from his uplifting story on how this major global advertising agency overcame talent shortages and attrition issues once they redesigned and disrupted a traditional process, then talk to the Vervoe team if you want the same results. 💙💫

Wellness at work: Navigating the path to thriving

Did you know that 50% of workers are likely to look for a new job in the next 12 months? Or that only 23% of workers believe they are “thriving” at work? Indeed’s comprehensive study into the current state of wellbeing of Australian workers examines the behaviours of those who are thriving and those who are not and shares tips and best practices on how to build an organisation brimming with people who feel highly fulfilled, motivated and happy at work.

Compliance Workbook for Global Hiring 

Successful global hiring requires a delicate balance between talent acquisition and compliance. Here’s a comprehensive guide to equip you with the essential tools needed to achieve compliant global hiring.

Harvard Business Review: How TA is transforming with AI and automation

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services conducted a global survey of 326 respondents familiar with their organization’s talent acquisition process, and present their findings on the future of the industry.

TA Strategies for Contingent Workforces

Contingent workers are a vital part of today’s workforces, but that doesn’t mean they come without challenges. Compliance issues, poor visibility, access to quality talent, and fragmented quality management are all issues that organisations must navigate around. This roadmap for creating and implementing an effective contingent worker TA strategy will allow you to avoid these challenges, and help you meet your business and workforce goals.

The Executive Edge

Executive teams today face a myriad of business critical-challenges that are more complex than they’ve ever been. This new series from Hays – created by senior leaders for senior leaders – unlocks the insights, mindsets and expertise of those at the cutting edge of workforce transformation.

Breaking the Boundaries of Recruitment

This latest report from Josh Bersin unveils the secrets of the organisations leading the way in Talent Acquisition with examples on how Beamery has helped them achieve some stunning results.

Hiring for Potential

Today’s recruitment challenges require new thinking. Traditional “rearview HR” based on CVs and past experiences limits the talent pool and does not predict success. The future of hiring, developing and retaining talent uses skills and AI to reveal and unlock each candidate’s true potential – allowing you to put the right person in the right so that both your employees and business thrive.

Recruitment trends for 2024

In a tight talent market with ever-evolving candidate and employee expectations, teams are having to get creative with their  attraction and retention strategies. So how can organisations secure the best talent in 2024? Join this upcoming webinar to find out.

A new north star for ‘HR’

Gareth Flynn doesn’t believe the current HR paradigm is fit for purpose in today’s world. Here’s what he believes a re-orientation should look like to deliver better outcomes for business, workers, and society.

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