This Week in Talent (24th November)

Hi there! Lucy here, Head of Marketing & Comms @ ATC, dropping into the TWIT feed for a special one off edition – LIVE FROM ATC2023!

That’s right, this week 500+ Talent Professionals from all around Australia and New Zealand converged at Sydney’s Luna Park to talk all things Talent. The past 2-days have featured some incredible insights and takeaways, including:

  • We need to start thinking about work as a product. Work experiences are the products that get purchased by employees; it’s time for you to get to know what “product” you’re taking to market  (Dart Lindsley, Google)
  • The future of work never comes. The future of work is now – if we want to achieve the future we want to live, we need to start making micro adjustments to what we’re doing now. And Talent Leaders are the canaries in the coalmine of the evolving work landscape. (Reanna Browne, Work Futures)
  • If you are struggling to retain employees in the first 6-12 months, it’s worth assessing whether candidates understand what the job entails. Dentsu’s Daniel Stockdale explained how they implemented Vervoe to enable candidates to experience a real live job experience, and in doing so dropped their 44% turnover rate to 6%.
  • The rate of unemployment for people with disability hasn’t changed in 30 years, and 88% of people with disability don’t need any workforce adjustment; the just need a chance. The panel discussion with  spoke about how Talent teams hold the keys to build more diverse and inclusive organisations. (Dylan Alcott,  Joel Sardi, The Field, and Kate Gaffy, Tennis Australia)
  • When a family adopts the use of the term “family” it’s usually a red flag for candidates. How can we represent our brands and roles in a more authentic way that reflects what candidates are really looking for in their work? (Lauren Anderson, Indeed)
  • The 4-day work week is coming! There was once a point in history when people worked 7 days a week, up until WWII it was common to work a half-day on Saturdays – moving to a 4-day work week is a natural step in this evolution. (Kevin Wheeler)

A HUGE congratulations to Getmee, who took out the prize for the ATC2023 Innovation Lab Talent Tech Pitch Off! Founder and CEO Bala Thavarajah delivered an impressive pitch to a packed room of delegates explaining the merits of their Interview Ready, an interactive AI driven coaching tool which allows candidates to practice their conversational English to help prepare them for job interviews. The Hays’ Choice Award went to Taly, pitched by Peter Treloar,  a personality profiling and talent intelligence solution that brings to life the valuable insights from personality data through technology and AI.

And as well as all the incredible content and insights, lets not forget the rides. The games. The great chats and merch at the expo. The gelato. The Party. And the FUN! The vibe on the show floor was honestly electric and it was such a great joy to be amongst it.

This is just a drop in the ocean of the knowledge gems that were dropped this week, so we’ll bring you more over the coming week. If you want to see what the attendees and partners were saying about the event, head on over and take a look at #ATC2023 on LinkedIn.

For our articles this week, we’ve provided a summary of the insights from our speakers that we heard from at Luna Park this week. Stay tuned for next week when we’ll be bringing you a full run-down next week with a new TA industry Guest TWIT Editor (Who will it be?? 🙊).

Ciao ciao!

It’s time to start thinking about work as a product

What would it mean for employee experience if we stopped thinking about work as something that we do because we have to, and start thinking about it as a product that we experience, just like any other product we consume? A great read from Google’s Strategic Advisor for Employee Experience Dart Lindsley that’ll make you stop and think.

Talent Teams, it’s time to get to know your C-Suite

Just as we need to think about our work as a product, we need to think about our C-Suite as our customers. The C-Suite are the people who invest in our Talent Function. But to get their attention and buy-in, you’ll need to know how to talk their language and understand what they actually CARE about.

Dismantling the “Work Family”

“You’ll love it here. We’re just like a big family.” We’ve all heard it said in job interviews. In fact, you may have even said it yourself to a candidate when trying to communicate the workplace culture. But there’s a reason why you should avoid using the F-word with candidates.

What matters to job seekers right now?

It’s pretty simple: post a job and jobseekers will apply —right? We all know that it’s not quite that simple… PageUp recently surveyed 180,000 job seekers in a quest to answer this question and compiled the comprehensive results into their Candidate Experience Report; here’s all the important takeaways into a cheat sheet on what really matters to job seekers right now.

How to undertake a Market Scan with AI (in only 2 hours)

Say the words ‘Market Scan’ and you’re immediately thinking “oh man, when am I going to get time to fit that in??” Here’s a nifty way to use Google’s Bard or ChatGPT to give you a comprehensive Market Scan that will help inform qualify (or nullify…) your job brief before you start working on it.

Aligning recruitment strategies to business goals – a recipe for success

Imagine you’re a chef, and your kitchen is the bustling recruitment hub of your organisation. The dish you’re preparing? Success; served up through the fine art of strategic alignment. This is a read that will make you think and make you hungry.

How MYOB improved internal mobility, upskilled their workforce and empowered employees to own their own career

A great case study from well known tech company MYOB about how they re-assessed their internal mobility strategy to focus on upskilling our workforce and ensuring team members have the tools and resources to own their own career. And increased their internal hire rate by 48% by doing so!

Attract, Engage, Convert: Employer Branding Masterclass


Ready to become an employer brand superstar? This 4-part webinar series presented by James Ellis will take you through how to build a high-performance careers site, scaling an authentic content strategy, and the key strategies you can use to attract talent in today’s market. Oh, and it’s FREE! Jump on it.

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