This Week in Talent (17 Sep)

This week we learn the five methods for developing successful hiring managers, a true story of how an IT Recruiter got rejected for a role simply because she looked un-Australian on her LinkedIn profile, find out how we can help our team get through the post-redundancy aftermath, and more!

5 methods for developing a successful hiring manager

While ongoing training is necessary for recruiters and sourcers, it is equally important to train your hiring managers. Have a read and learn.

From headhunted to ghosted and now not Australian enough?

This is NOT OK. Esha Lata Sharma shares her experience with an offshore recruitment agency claiming to represent an Australian employer. Despite her suitability for the role, they refused to put her forward because she looked un-Australian. Discrimination at its worst. Everyone needs to read this.

Managing workplace survivor syndrome after redundancies

The focus is typically on those who did not make the cut – as it should be – but the ones who survive can be just as badly affected as well. An excellent article with practical tips on how you can help your team manage the post-redundancy aftermath.

10 excellent free course providers for job success

The title says it all. Go ahead check ‘em out.

Amazon Career Day

This is happening as we type and there are already some great content uploaded onto the website showcasing how Amazon is hiring. Do check them out and see how the company is setting the standard for virtual career fairs.

Social giants must do more to stop intelligence ‘scraping’

The practice of “scraping” data on social media is really not a recent phenomenon (sourcers would know) but because this was done by a Chinese company did it become a concern for everyone. Where should the line be drawn?

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