This Week in Talent (3 Sep)

This week we find out the interview questions you should start asking every remote work job candidate, learn how many people in your profession actually know what they are doing, check out how the global Talent leader at IBM is measuring his TA function, and more!

Workforce planning for competitive advantage post-Covid-19

Interesting report from Gartner on the new Talent strategy rules that have emerged as a result of Covid19 including Talent “anywhere” and identifying skill clusters. Will this pandemic get organisations finally moving towards a total workforce management model of managing and hiring their Talent? Read the report here.   

Analysis of a LinkedIn post which got 300,000 views

Excellent analysis from Adam Gordon on a recent big post of his. A lot of employer branding, recruitment marketing and personal branding efforts rely on LinkedIn as a promotional platform and you should definitely check out this post to maximise your ROI.

6 interview questions to start asking every remote work job candidate (Covid edition)

We all know not everyone is cut out to be a remote worker and there are certain qualities that enable a person to be successful in a remote environment. Check out these interview questions that will help you identify these Talent.

Look to your Talent supply chain for the best recruiting metrics

Recruiting is a supply chain function according to Todd Davies, Global Talent leader at IBM. Interesting analogy used to describe the TA function which, traditionally, has been associated more with marketing or sales. If you are struggling to determine your measures and KPIs, this is an article you should read.

The Diversity & Inclusion glossary [A list of 200+ terms]

The title says it all, for anyone who is just starting out on their D&I journey or just to keep for future reference.

How many people in your profession actually know what they are doing?

The imposter syndrome is dead – it would seem. In a survey ran by Tim Sackett recently revealed almost everyone overrates their own performance and underrates the performance of those around them doing the same job. So, who are the real superstars?

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