This Week in Talent (16th November)

Hold onto your hats, it’s been a wild week! 🌪️

Ready for a rollercoaster? I’ve got some highs and lows to share with you.

And yes, today I’ll finish off last week’s TWIT with my final two tips for bulletproofing your talent careers. Stay tuned!

But first, brace yourselves for the not-so-great news.

A few days ago, the AFR dropped a bombshell. An Aussie Crypto charity’s CEO got caught in a storm of sexist comments on LinkedIn, igniting a firestorm. Turns out, this was just the tip of the iceberg in the Australian startup world, with many women voicing that deeper issues are being swept under the rug.

The AFR’s deep dive into the issues? It’s a must-read.

And Jessy Wu’s LinkedIn post on the matter? Spot on in highlighting how the real troublemakers in our startup scene often slip through the net.

My take on this?

Frankly, the tales of misogyny and sexism are not just appalling and heartbreaking – they’re eerily on point. And a stark reflection of the disturbing truths I’ve personally heard and encountered in the startup trenches (and to be clear, not from anyone at

So what’s our move?

I’m 100% behind Jessy Wu’s call to action. To stand up against any sly, everyday jab that breed a culture okay with harassment. To be the voice for and stand by those who’ve felt silenced by bullying, abuse, or assault. 

And let’s not forget, what’s good for the bottom line isn’t always good for people (and vice versa). But it’s about having the guts to choose humanity over profit, and being willing to make that trade-off anyway.

To my fellow Talent and People pros, especially those in the startup and scale-up world where rules can be lax…in the recent words of Seth Godin: “we need your ruckus, we need your care”. 

Do a thorough sweep of your own backyard. 

Ensure your support systems are robust and your channels for reporting issues are crystal clear. Leadership needs to do more than just talk the talk; they must walk the walk, creating an environment that’s not just inclusive but actively stands against sexism, harassment, and misogyny. 

You are uniquely positioned to help make positive change and impact here – so please raise your voice, be the change-maker, be the force for good.

Now, let’s circle back to the juice I promised in last week’s TWIT.

Here are my final two tips to help you supercharge (and future-proof!) your Talent careers.

TIP #2: Embrace AI, New Tech & Innovations

Stop the press! AI isn’t here to snatch your job; it’s here to make you a superstar. 

The trick?

Don’t just watch from the side lines. Or you may find yourself outpaced by those who embrace it. Dive in, play around with the latest tech, and stay in the know. 

Want quick access to insights without doing the legwork?

Hook into newsletters like HR Tech Weekly, and Recruiting Brainfood. Or plug into the new AI in Recruitment podcast launched earlier this year.

Keep your finger on the pulse, be curious to demo new products, and constantly evaluate where you can leverage the best tech from sourcing to offer stage. 

The end result? Not only will you be able to do more with less, but also you’ll stay at the forefront of AI and tech innovations in Talent.

TIP #3: Expand Your Networks

Ditch the screen and dive into the networking scene – both online and offline. My mantra: Always Be Networking (ABN).

In this rollercoaster world, whether you’re top of your game or scouting for new opportunities, networking is your secret weapon.

Think of your network as your career parachute – you never know its worth until you need it, and yep, it does save the day! It’s about who’s got your back and ready to catch you if you take a leap or need some help.

Remember, building your network is a marathon, not a sprint. Start now, keep at it, and soon you’ll see those well-worn cliches are actually pretty true – your network is your net worth and it really does matter who you know.

For some people though, just hearing the word “networking” can evoke a visceral, allergic reaction. Perhaps you’ve felt a little shy to put yourself out there (I understand this, but incredible growth often happens at the edge of discomfort…).

Or, perhaps you’ve simply had a few too many ick experiences that felt fake or disingenuous. 

Like anything, networking is a learned skill. Practice makes perfect, and anyone can learn to do it well.

At its core, real networking is about creating mutual value and connection, not just collecting contacts. Focus on them, not you. Offer a listening ear, share wisdom, or lend a hand. It’s about giving first, without expecting a return. That’s how you craft good karma and positive vibes!

And here’s a tip: ditch the standard “What do you do?”. For conversation starters that spark real connections, try something like “Have you been to this event before? What’s your favourite part about it?” or “I’m always curious to hear about people’s journey. What path led you to your current role?”.

I also love asking questions like “Is there any tech tool you’ve been using lately that you find super helpful?” or “What’s been the highlight of your week so far?” 

So hit up those talent events (like next week’s ATC2023 and Sydney Talent Meetup events), light up social media, and turn LinkedIn into your personal stage. Share stories, insights, even laughs (we all need these, like yesterday’s Christmas post from Mitch King!). Engage with others’ content too – your 2 cents can turn into valuable connections. I usually aim to spend around 20 minutes a day commenting, connecting and sharing content.

The more you mingle and give back, the more you’ll grow – in knowledge, influence, and opportunities.

And who knows, maybe your next career leap could be a handshake or a DM away!

Ok, now that’s a wrap on my TWIT editorship. Hope you’ve snagged a few gems or at least some food for thought.

Also please feel free to hit me up on LinkedIn for a chat anytime 😊

See you ATC2023 next week, it’s gonna be epic! 🚀

After viral sexist post, women in start-ups say worse issues are buried

Written in response to an Aussie Crypto charity’s CEO finding himself caught in a storm of sexist comments on LinkedIn, igniting a firestorm. Turns out, this was just the tip of the iceberg in the Australian startup world. This deep dive by the AFR is a must-read. 

OpenAI just launched “GPTs”, your ultra-cool, custom ChatGPT sidekicks.

Trained on your own data, you can tailor GPTs for various tasks like learning rules for board games, teaching kids maths, or designing stickers 🤯. Anyone can create their own GPTs (assuming you have a ChatGPT+ account). For recruiters, this could be a game-changer. 

Picture this: a GPT fine-tuned just for you, handling tasks like scanning resumes, chatting with candidates, or nailing that interview prep. The best part? With the upcoming GPT Store, not only can you grab other genius creations, but you can also turn your own GPTs into cash cows 🚀

Keen to learn more? The Startup Podcast released this podcast episode yesterday on GPTs and it’s well worth a listen!

The new free “Employee Journey Designer” tool

For those of you into the nitty-gritty of people process improvements and experience, this software release from Pyn is big. Actually, it’s not just big; it’s colossal, and guess what? It’s free!

Imagine crafting your own Journey Maps with your teams, spotting those sneaky gaps in employee experience, and using this as your master plan to help prioritise where to put your strategic focus in 2024. This tool is like gold dust for Talent and People pros.

AI in Recruitment Podcast

This is an awesome podcast series launched in March this year by Martijn Hemminga and Jasper Spanjaart. It’s a super valuable resource for staying across the rapidly evolving world of AI in recruitment, with practical tips shared on how exactly you can use it during the hiring process.

Compliance Workbook for Global Hiring

Successful global hiring requires a delicate balance between talent acquisition and compliance. Here’s a comprehensive guide to equip you with the essential tools needed to achieve compliant global hiring.

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