This Week in Talent (13 August)

This week we have a look at how a seemingly innocuous rejection email sparked a series of unexpected discussions, strategies for setting up a COVID-ready recruitment process, 8 clever ideas for your next recruitment marketing newsletter strategy, and more!

7 tips to successful recruitment during & post COVID

In-depth and informative article on how we can enhance our recruitment processes to adapt to a COVID environment. Seems inevitable that we will be living with the virus for a while so this will be a good starting point to help us get a little more comfortable with the situation.

Recruiter shares abusive letter from rejected candidate: ‘You get what you give’

We get swearing is totally unacceptable behaviour and the candidate went too far. But the recruiter is copping it as well for her “generic and annoying template” rejection email. What do you think? How do you reject your candidates?

Seemingly harmless racist phrases to avoid around your bipoc friends

We think this should apply to your bipoc candidates too. Click to learn more.

Google’s remote work policy has 9 great tips you should definitely steal today

Good insights from Google’s research on its more than 5,000 strong workforce to discover remote work best practices. Seems emotional intelligence is the cornerstone of all good strategies, click to learn how you can apply that successfully.

8 clever newsletter ideas to wow your audience

Need ideas for your next recruitment marketing newsletter strategy? Excellent article with real-life examples that work – good read.

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2 Responses to “This Week in Talent (13 August)”

  1. Why are the racist phrases flagged to ‘avoid around your bipoc friends’ only – surely we can do better and learn about seemingly harmless language and remove it all together?

    • Bo Kai Low

      Totally agree Fi. But we must also acknowledge that bipoc people experience far more incidences of casual prejudice and racism, and I guess the author is writing from personal experiences to highlight this prevalence. Yes, we all can definitely do better.


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