Can We All Be Innovators?

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I’ve been thinking a lot about innovation recently. I’ve thought about it in the shower. I’ve thought about it in the car. I’ve thought about it hitting golf balls at Latrobe (to the detriment of my handicap). What has me thinking is not only how innovative people do what they do – come up and implement disruptive ideas/strategies- but how this innovation can be taught, or “caught” by the teams they work with.
This is of interest to me due to the nature of this year’s ATC “Recruitment is Marketing“. My job as a conference organiser is to bring you the best, most innovative speakers in recruiting leadership. This year we’ve collected a highly creative and dynamic group of leaders, who will share with delegates their methods for rethinking their talent functions through; developing compelling content lead recruitment strategies; harnessing the power of storytelling; fine tuning using analytics and technology; using social capital to attract and engage the right talent; developing mobile recruitment strategies; and, restructuring their businesses using workforce planning-led business partners. BUT, how can their innovation be truly harnessed by the average delegate? How can their drive, methods and skill be caught by your entire team? What tools do we need to be able to replicate what we learn from others, and become vessels of change and innovation when we return to the office?
This week I’ve included the results of a fascinating study undertaken the HBR on what makes innovators tick, and the particular skill set they possess that sets them apart. Take a read and you’ll see these are skills that anyone can practice and improve. I want every delegate who comes to our conferences to feel that they can be a champion of change and innovation, and implement what they learn. What I’ve come to learn is that innovation isn’t so much about coming up with ideas (you’ll be exposed to a wealth of them at the conference), but selecting the right ideas, finding the right process, implementing them, tuning them and repeating the process. This is what I want you to gain from #ATC2015. I hope you’ll come along and play. – Trevor Vas, Director, ATC Events
PS. I’m excited about the pre-conference workshops at this year’s ATC. Supporting our theme “Recruitment is Marketing”, these 3 1/2 hour intensive and practical workshops will be facilitated by experts including Bill Boorman, Todd Wheatland, Nicholas Duggal, Amy Cato, Emma Gee, Master Burnett and Prue Laurence. You can find out more about the workshops here.
—- Innovation —-
How can you become more innovative- The Innovator’s DNA
—- Talent Management—-
Dr John Sullivan discusses building successful talent metrics – Top 15 Design Principles for Talent Metrics and Analytics
Ross Clennett – The Six Rules of Providing Candidate Feedback 
—- Workforce Optimisation—-
Rainer Stack’s TED talk – The Workforce Crisis of 2030: And How To Start Solving It Now

—- Content Marketing—-
Jonathan Crossfield, marketing expert and storyteller asks – Is Content Marketing Lost In Translation?
—- Working With The C-Suite—-
HBR blog teaches you how to- Get The Boss To Buy-In
—- Sourcing—-
Mike Wolford – Sourcing Batman On A Budget
—- A Better You—-
Lisa Evans – How To Silence Your Inner Critic And Get Over Your Perfectionism
—- Diversity—-
Micah Dingleton- Why Is Gender Diversity In Tech So Much Easier To 
—- Tools—-
Ryan Leary- Firefox Extensions For Recruiters

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