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Nick Duggal

Partner, Moray & Agnew


Working from Home – the Legal, the Commercial and the Inclusive

For workplaces where workers can work from home, WFH during the pandemic has been transformative. But now that workers are able to work from an office, can or should they be compelled to do so?

Lawyer and workplace relations specialist Nick Duggal will examine this from several angles, including:

  • Is it lawful to now require workers to return to their offices, on a full time basis or otherwise?
  • Even if workers can be required to return to the office, should they be made to? Does your policy support maximising worker productivity? Will it affect your company being an employer of choice?
  • How can your WFH policy affect diversity? Does it adversely affect working parents, younger workers or workers from certain socioeconomic backgrounds?

By the end of this session, you should have a clear pathway to come to position on WFH that best suits your workplace’s needs.

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About Nick

Nick leads the national workplace practice at Moray & Agnew. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Nick has been a visible market presence on the frontline of assisting both Health organisations, government and commercial businesses manage both the dual health and economic impacts of the crisis. Most recently Nick has:

  • Provided innovative and urgent advice to high number of employers on workforce management wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, including the institution of temporary reductions in pay and/or hours, stand downs, consultation and redundancy processes, advice on Government restrictions, JobKeeper access and right of entry;
  • Undertaking workplace investigations on behalf of Federal Government departments in the wake of the Respect@Work report; and
  • Assisting numerous metropolitan councils draft, implement and update their workplace vaccination policies, advise on any consequential disciplinary processes and appear in the Fair Work Commission in any subsequent proceedings.

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