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Lee Hinton

Indigenous Career Partner, IAG

Indigenous Recruitment; Changing the Face of Tomorrow’s Workforce

In 2018, we reshaped the way we attracted Indigenous Talent at IAG, how we processed them and what barriers they faced.

This led to us exploring how we can better integrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into our workforce and diversifying where we source them from; but also where they will land in the business once recruited.

Join me as I share the challenges faced and how we overcame them to create a robust and comprehensive Indigenous recruitment strategy.

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Over the last 12 years Lee has led Indigenous employment programs at three leading corporate organisations  – IAG, ANZ and Australia Post. Encompassing Community Engagement, Sourcing, Selection, Training and Mentoring, Lee knows first-hand what it takes to develop a sustainable Indigenous Employment program. He’s looking forward to sharing his knowledge with the ATC community and helping fellow Recruiters to better understand what it takes to find, engage and develop Deadly talent.

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