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Bill Boorman

Founder, #tru

Bill Boorman used to have a real job, and wear a suit, and everything, now he does what he describes as “stuff he gets paid for”. He has worked in and around the recruiting space for the last 30 something years. As the founder of ‪#‎tru‬ (the recruiting unconference), he has hosted 100 events over the last 12 months, Travelling to 65 countries, speaking and listening to over 2000 people who work in and around the recruiting space, about how we can collectively make recruiting better for everyone.

He is lead advisor to talent technology companies RolePoint, TakeTheInterview, Work4Labs, Job & Talent, iGrads and The Job Post, among others. Advises corporate companies on adopting new technology and working practice, such as KPMG, Oracle, BBC and Hard Rock Café, and is a judge for the UK edition of the Candidate Experience Awards ‪#‎CandE‬‘s. Boorman is a regular speaker and disruptor at conferences, and his first full book, “The Cult Of Work” is due out late 2014.”