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Bill Boorman

Strategic Advisor, VONQ

Avalanche of Job Hopping, When This is Over

Bill has been researching the impact of the Covid-19 crisis to hiring. He noted that:

  • Digital advertising is down by 30 percent;
  • Jobs are being put on hold and then disappearing;
  • Organisations have job freezes;
  • For those who are still hiring, the process has reduced to 3-4 weeks as everyone is available online; and
  • Video interviews are going crazy.

However, many offers are not being finalised as people cannot meet in person or candidates cannot visit their prospective employer’s workplace. These offers are being stacked up and they will be released like an avalanche when the crisis is over.

This will significantly impact the demand and supply of Talent with critical and scarce skills in the market and create havoc for internal TA teams which may have reduced their strength during the crisis.

Bill in his inimitable way will discuss this and share some strategies on how we can surf this avalanche to success.

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About Bill:

I never wear a suit and I always wear a hat. I have a simple vision to make recruitment better for everyone. I work towards this by advising talent technology companies on their product road map, with V.C.’s over investments in the sector, with hiring companies on technology and approach, and by hosting #tru events. #tru have hosted over 100 events during the last 12 months, in 65 countries and 5 continents.

This has led to conversations with over 2,500 people who work in and around recruiting across the globe. This gives me a great insight in to the market, and the technology needed to support it. I’m privileged to be a judge and advocate for the UK #CandE (candidate experience awards.) which enables me to understand how the market is shifting towards giving candidates a consumer experience, and which companies are performing well. I blog regularly, produce monthly white papers, and my first book “The Cult Of Work”, is due for publication in 2014.

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