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Bill Boorman (he/him)

Recruitment Raconteur,


Creative Chaos

In this lightening session, Boorman will explore what he describes as a crisis of crisis. From covid, to wars in Europe to the environment, we are in the age of crisis. The solution, Boorman believes, lies in creativity and collaboration. Expect some controversy and challenging thoughts.

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About Bill:

Bill Boorman is an industry veteran (old man), having worked in and around recruiting for more than 40 years.

Boorman spends his days advising talent tech companies, investment companies and the industry as a whole through event speaking, research and writing. He has been recognised with a number of awards including the Recruiters global impact award.

In his spare time he supports the homeless in a variety of ways, is regular seen performing stand up in the hostile pubs of London and is a prolific London street artist, going by the name of Beirdo.

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