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Bedi Othow

BIPOC Employee Experience Trailblazer, HR Advisor, Fashion Model,


Your Difference is your Strength #thefutureisdiverse

The face of the Australian workforce is changing. The 80s migration boom welcomed a large number of culturally and linguistically diverse groups to Australia and now their kids are graduating universities and entering the workforce. These first generation Australians are amongst the 4 million entering the workforce, replacing 3.6 million Baby Boomers.

GenZ represent 18 per cent of the Australian and 30 per cent of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population. More than any other generation before them, they are the most unique, culturally diverse, technological saturated, formally educated generation Australia has ever seen. Are you ready for them? Understanding what has shaped them, what their expectations are and what motivates them is critical to hiring them.

But wait, professional Baby Boomers are not retiring in a traditional way. It’s no longer a hard stop and a gold watch. They also have expectations of flexible and valuable contribution well outside of the 9-5 norm.

Are you ready to tap into your power, the power to be different and stand out from your competitors? The future is diverse and your difference is your strength.

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About Bedi

Bedi is a passionate Human Resource professional and a a strong advocate for inclusion within the workplace. She wears many hats including being the Principal Advisor, People and Culture at the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission. The proud co-founder of DivTal and a fashion model.

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