Secret sauce to good hiring with Antonluigi Gozzi from LiveHire (ATC2018)

20 percent of great hires will come from job applications, the rest (80 percent!) will come from referrals and internal mobility, according to Antonluigi (Gigi) Gozzi, founder of LiveHire.

Recorded live at the ATC2018, Gigi reminds us in this podcast that hiring is by far the most important thing that companies do and we all need to understand where our big flow of Talent are coming from and treat them well.

Building relationships with candidates at the very start of the hiring process is key and leaving a good first impressions is crucial to hiring success.

Gigi also raised the suggestion for more career websites to start with a question first, rather than funnelling every single person to a job application. He explains why, and more, in this podcast.

Listen on to find out!


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