Does Your Recruitment Marketing Suck?

Does your recruitment marketing rely on glossy pictures and hype that most candidates will dismiss as propaganda?


“Let’s be honest, most recruitment marketing sucks!” , Master Burnett, Director of Strategy, BraveNewTalent.

Master BurnettIn our ATC2015 pre-conference workshop, Master Burnett will explore the theme “Honest Marketing the Organisation to Attract the Right Talent.”  Honest Marketing is a modern approach that isn’t about selling hype.   It doesn’t position the organisation to be all things to all people.  It’s about painting real pictures of real experiences in the minds of those targeted few you need to influence.
This workshop will focus on sharing:

  • The key tenets of honest marketing an organisation
  • Practical, low-cost methods of starting meaningful conversations in pivotal talent communities
  • Approaches to leverage others and raising your voice
  • How to demonstrate the impact of your efforts

This workshop is one of five, 3 ½ hour workshops scheduled to run the day prior to our ATC2015.  Other topics include:

We are very excited about our pre-conference workshops and believe you will come away with practical tactics to make a difference to your candidate attraction strategy.
Register your place today.
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