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Nick Duggal

Partner, Moray & Agnew

Real-Life Contingent Nightmares – and how to Avoid Them

Some of Australia’s biggest, best-known and wealthy brands have landed themselves in serious Contingent Workforce trouble. Companies with the highest compliance rate are, at most, only 92 percent compliant against Contingent labour policies.

In this session, Nick, Sonia Tammaro and Trevor Vas will share some real life costly Contingent nightmares and the seven common scenarios that could find you on the wrong side of the law.

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About Nick:

Nick, Partner at Moray & Agnew, has practiced exclusively in the area of workplace relations for the past 15 years. He provides practical solutions that enable employers to resolve workplace issues commercially and expeditiously. Nick has experience in a full range of employment and industrial relations matters, including extensive experience in providing users and suppliers with advice on contingent labour arrangements.

Nick’s clients operate in a broad range of industries including IT, recruitment, labour-hire, manufacturing, professional services and insurance.  His clients include major insurers, publicly listed and multi-national companies and public authorities.

Nick appears regularly in the Fair Work Australia and has been involved in proceedings in all Common Law Courts (including High Court proceedings involving the employee/independent contractor distinction). He regularly conducts presentations for various employer groups and gives opinions on labour law matters in the mainstream media.

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