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Master Burnett

Director of Strategy, BraveNewTalent

What does it take to influence the talent you need for your organization to consider you, choose you and commit themselves to your organization’s success?  These are the questions human capital strategist Master Burnett has addressed during his twenty year career spanning roles as a technical and executive recruiter, recruiting leader, workforce consultant, corporate adviser and now product strategist.

Like you, Master Burnett has seen fads come and go, he has seen practices evolve, and he has dedicated his career to understanding the system dynamics that makes practices work or fail.  He is a prolific thinker, often credited with identifying trends in their early stages, and someone easy to engage in conversation.

As an Adviser with Dr. John Sullivan & Associates, Master Burnett worked with hundreds of leading organizations in more than 42 countries on projects ranging from high level workforce strategy to tactical program development. He currently serves as the Director of Strategy for BraveNewTalent, Inc., a software company working on social knowledge capture and sharing solutions for the modern organization.