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Hey, I’m Gems, Queer Executive and Workplace Editor and I’m taking over TWIT in June. I’m in Melbourne/Naarm and can confirm it OFFICIALLY feels like winter. Sickness and time off school and work is trending alongside season three of Bridgerton (#polin).

Has anyone else had sickness thrown their way? I’ve had a kid off school and I’m learning to just accept the reshuffling of commitments as part of life. I’m moving with life’s rhythm rather than against it. It makes me realise that we are inconsistent beings, so why do we feel guilty when things go off track? I think that’s an EVP in the making, imagine the tagline: be inconsistently you!

Other than binge-watching Bridgerton, here are some things I’ve been up to and some little Pride Month related gems (pun intended) to share.

On Monday, I ran a workshop with the legends at Transgender Victoria (TGV) to help them define how they want to feel at work. I found out that the team was getting ready to run an amazing job fair, which connected inclusive employers such as Zurich, Berry Street, REA Group, and Victoria University with transgender and gender diverse candidates. It made me curious; how much of your time as a recruiter is spent working with trusted organisations like TGV to promote your EVP?

Finally, don’t forget to use the last few dollars in your FY24 budgets to buy your ATC2024 tickets. If you are holding back because you find networking and events tricky, you can hang out and be awkward with me 🙂.

Ideas and articles that caught my interest this week:

Work doesn’t have to be a drag so how do you find your unique sparkle?

Queer Careers: It’s the start of June which means we can get the glitter back out in readiness for Pride month (as if we ever put our sparkle away in the first place). Perfect timing as my Better Work podcast co-host, Rosie McAlister, and I spoke with the phenomenal Edan Haddock recently.

The recent episode we released is titled “work doesn’t have to be a drag so how do you find your unique sparkle” and explores Edan’s career journey. We dig into our experiences as three queer professionals who have had careers in TA. We hope our stories help uplift others to feel less alone.

Can you ask that? Job Application Questions that don’t seem right

Diversity Data in Hiring: When should I ask someone for their identities (or should you even be asking)? If you didn’t already get a chance, read the ATC article released last week with  Georgia Steele from Moray & Agnew and I about what identity questions you can and can’t ask in an application or interview.

Free Pride Guide 2024

Pride Guide: It was amazing to see the folks at  Circle In launch their Pride Guide 2024. The guide aims to empower your organisation to be a genuine ally. In collaboration with LGBTQIA+ leaders (including me!) they’ve curated a comprehensive set of resources. From informative webinars and practical how-to guides, to an enlightening podcast episode and invaluable tools, their Pride Guide equips you to make a meaningful impact not just during Pride Month, but every day. And the best part? It’s all completely free!

Coles Applicant Information Trans & Gender-diverse (Including non-binary)

LGBTQIA+ inclusion in hiring: I was running an inclusive hiring workshop and I mentioned Coles, who have specific information for LGBTQIA+ applicants. Applicants can contact an Inclusive Recruitment team where they will be supported by an Inclusive Recruitment LGBTI+ lead. Take a look at their information.

Equality Australia: Freedom from Discrimination

Activating allyship: There will be talks of allyship this month. If you want to activate your allyship, check out this petition to help Equality Australia shape laws that protect the LGBTQIA+ community. For decades, Australia has been making progress towards becoming a more fair, equal, and inclusive society for all. But LGBTIQ+ people still experience discrimination in religious schools, organisations and faith-based service providers for being who we are. We must keep calling for change until we’re all equal under the law.

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