This Week in Talent (3 Oct)

This week we have 72 interview questions, tips and templates for you to use, a thought-provoking article on the lived work experiences of a black queer female software engineer, and more!

72 interview questions, tips, and templates

A gem from the team at Google Hire – that’s the entire interview process mapped out for you. You have to check this out.  

Can we include the line “female opportunity” in our job ads?

Interesting discussion on LinkedIn on how the Australian Defence Force have included the line “female opportunity” in their job ads. First thought – this don’t seem legal (but apparently it is). Then we thought – is this diversity for diversity sake? Have a read.

Are LinkedIn skills assessments trustworthy? One CEO says no

Have you tried it? Tigran Sloyan, CEO of CodeSignal, reckons the tool can be further refined by using skill testing, rather than relying on multiple choice questions. What do you think?

5 essentials of candidate screening

What are the key things we should do to ensure we screen candidates properly? We are talking more than just accuracy and speed. Click to find out.

FAQs for black, queer, female software engineers

A very thought-provoking article on the lived work experiences of a black queer woman currently adventuring as a software engineer. Enjoy the read.

4 tips for building a remote team

Hiring great communicators would be a good start. But there is more to that if you are looking to build an effective remote team. Click to learn more.  

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