This Week in Talent (26th January)


It’s my last TWIT for a little while, and I’m writing this editor’s note on the tram whilst listening to a French podcast to sharpen up my French speaking skills. I’m doing the Duolingo French course, and listening to French poddies helps me get more betterer. How good is Duolingo?! #IYKYK

So given this is the week of the January 26 public holiday (or Invasion Day) I thought I would share this resource with you all – it’s a short course (15 minutes in length) that you can do to educate yourself on the Voice To Parliament and what it means for First Nations people in Australia. You’ll also learn what the Voice To Parliament is not, which is very important as there is a lot of misinformation out there about it circling around. Give it a whirl!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard someone utter the words “ChatGPT”. The general vibe is amazement, curiosity, excitement, dread, worry? If you google it you’ll see a bunch of articles about how schools are banning ChatGPT because kids are cheating (where the heck was it when I was a kid?!)

But for us recruiters, ChatGPT could be a really funky tool to have under our belt. Keeping in mind that AI is far from perfect, and it would need to grow and learn… but imagine having a system that could write your job adverts and marketing content, respond to candidates on your behalf. All those repetitive tasks that you “errrrrrrgh” about.

I’m excited to see how ChatGPT, and any systems/programs that piggyback on the idea, start to embed themselves in our culture and make our lives a tiny bit easier (or harder if ChatGPT ends up taking over the world and decides to eradicate the human race. I mean … it’s already applying for our JOBS!)

Really looking forward to Kevin Wheeler’s Fearless Forecast next week. It’s always so interesting to hear what Kevin will “predict” for the future – he’s like a fancy talent acquisition clairvoyant. Make sure you get a spot!!

Anyways, I’ll be back later in the year for another month of TWIT (not sure which one yet). See ya!

Josh Bersin’s HR Predictions For 2023

Speaking of fortune telling… Josh Bersin is another HR industry expert with something to say, and the information he shares is usually on point. This is a long, downloadable report (complimentary) that will give you some insights on the year ahead.

Major career shake-up as 59 per cent of Aussies ready to quit

Data suggests that 2023 is the year of career changes … Great Resignation2.0?

Coursera’s Fastest-Growing Job Skills of 2023 Report

Digital skills are still in high demand (I’m sure any tech recruiter could tell you that), and this report details what courses were the most popular in that space in 2022 – in particular, user experience, scrum software development, and data visualisation skills were in the top part of the report. Something I found interesting is that management skills courses are on the rise, perhaps a hangover from lockdown and the move to hybrid working? Interesting read!

How Ireland is working on closing the gender pay gap

Ireland’s Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2023 that came into operation last year has obliged organisation with over 250 employees to conduct gender pay disparity reports, and release them to the public. The guidelines state that the reports must be shared on employers’ websites, and include data on part-time workers, employee bonuses, and the percentage of male and female employees who received bonuses. Companies must also explain their performance and propose measures to correct any differences. Woweeeeee!

equidi comes up aces to take out spot in AO StartUps

equidi, winner of the ATC2022 Innovation Lab, has come up aces to take out a spot among the top innovators in Tennis Australia’s inaugural AO StartUps program. AO StartUps accelerates startup companies – helping pilot cutting-edge technologies at the Australian Open and beyond.

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