This Week in Talent (26 Nov)

This week we share a list of commonly used phrases in job postings that means (literally) nothing – are you guilty? We have an interview with a former Pixar animator on how to create compelling stories – employer branding/recruitment marketing folks would love this. Also, find out whether hiring for TA experience is overrated, and more!

Ready for an HR shock? Compare your workforce productivity to every competitor

Bit of a deep dive into comparison metrics on workforce productivity. Check it out if you are keen to find out how your workforce is performing against other organisations in your industry.

It’s the little things…

Are you using these phrases in your job postings, emails and Inmails? If you are, perhaps it is time to try things a little differently. Good article on what makes good job ad copy and a reality check in some ways. Have a read.

Victoria announces trial program offering sick and carer’s leave to casual or insecure workers

Victoria to trial sick leave for casual workers. Will the trade-off be a reduced hourly rate? If a casual employee is entitled to claim sick leave, will this create an imbalance between permanent employees? Thoughts?

Pixar animator shares secrets to telling a compelling (company) story

“Don’t ever say your mission statement to someone. Tell them all the great things about your company ­– the ups and downs, the things you have learned – and let them feel the mission statement,” said Matthew Luhn, former Pixar animator and storyteller. Interesting article on how to create compelling pitches, which employer branding folks and TA would be need to know more about.

Industry experience is overrated

Thoughtful post that brings to mind one of the topics of conversation during our recent Future of Talent 2020 digital event on TA competency, traits and skills. Is it crucial to have prior TA experience when applying to work in TA? Our attendees had differing views. Have a read, have a think.

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